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successful marketing depends on good copy

Companies hire professional copywriters because of the value they bring to the marketing table. Without us, the messages wouldn’t be communicated. But many small businesses don’t recognise the value of professionally crafted copy. As a result, their marketing suffers.

it’s a great way to get the edge over your competitors

A good copywriter will study your business, the target audience and your competitors. They gather all the material, they research the market, they dig for evidence and turn it into distilled messages.

Copywriters are like barristers: they argue your case and win votes. 


good marketing is essential to growing your business

How else are you going to attract more custom? Invest in professional copywriting and make your marketing efforts count for something.

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I offer a free strategy consultation*. You can pick my brains about anything content related and develop a plan of action tailored to your needs.   

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“Simon is consistently an incredible asset to my online content output”


–  Joe Shervell, Head of Content, Datadial Ltd

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