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5 Reasons why you need a copywriter for your website

It’s a bit like asking a politician who to vote for. Naturally I’m going to say, ‘Employ me!’ But there are some extremely good reasons for employing a copywriter for your website.

Reason 1: Copywriting is a craft

It’s the same reason we hire electricians, plumbers and carpenters: their specialist skills and knowledge solve problems for us. Copywriting for websites is a skilled craft; it takes a lot of study and practice to master.

Many small and medium sized businesses leave the copywriting to their untrained staff. This is because they don’t value copywriting as a skilled profession. Let me put it this way: if there was a plumbing crisis in your office, who sorts it out? Andy the IT manager or a professionally trained plumber?

Reason 2: It gives you the edge over your competitors

Be honest, have you mastered the skill of copywriting, let alone web-copywriting? Have you identified your USPs? Researched the mindset of your target market? Taken this information and used it to craft highly polished messages that appeal to the audience? Now ask yourself: have your competitors learned the craft?

Reason 3: Be heard. Be understood

In this context, failed communication equals disappointed customers and missed opportunities. If a person can’t navigate your website or understand what you’re saying, inevitably they give up and walk away. In writing, clarity is a hard won skill; which is to say, clarity comes with the kind of experience and practice a professional copywriter has.

Reason 4: Copywriting is persuasion

In today’s marketplace the competition is huge, the choice abundant. As customers and clients, who do we go for? What makes us choose one business over another? It’s a process of elimination based on quality, reputation and prejudice. But what do we do when the options are evenly matched?

This is where persuasion makes all the difference. A well-made argument, a precision-crafted sentence, a magnetic phrase, all of this can win the final vote. A good copywriter will have this skill in their repertoire.

Reason 5: Copywriting is presentation. Don’t lose the respect of your audience

How does the written content appear to the reader? If it is poorly spelled, clunky and ungrammatical to the point of distraction, the reader is likely to abandon you. I know it sounds harsh. But if a company hasn’t made the effort to be coherent or use a spell-checker, what does it say about them? An experienced copywriter will avoid those costly mistakes.

About the author

Simon Kohli is a freelance writer with a penchant for absurd satire. He also does copywriting, content creation and marketing strategy for independent businesses.

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