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Brave New World: The Newsletter #1

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The Print Renaissance: Will you be part of it? 

In the early 80s Ogilvy banged on about this and that and some tits in European advertising. Over 30 years on what legacy has he left us? Nothing. A zilch potato McJarto.  


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“It was the greatest show on earth.” 

A Brave New World: Introduction

There’s a way forward in life, in business, in romance. It involves a piece of string, a tin can and a big heart. Can you guess what I’m on about? Didn’t think so. I’m being absurd. Jarrified and Godotized. Goodbye.

The ultimate guide to having fun

It’s illusive. It’s dangerous. It’s endangered. It’s fun, captain, but not as we know it. Have you cottoned on to the latest craze that’s making the internet piss itself with numptiness?

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Never bush a bullshitter

I should know!
What type of person are you? Answer this question to find out

Question: If there was a huge mammal in the way of your fridge, what would you do?


Simply click on the answer that resonates with you

A: Get a divorce
You are the type of person who doesn’t stand for shit. If it fucks you off, you fuck it out of your life. As a true narcissist, you’ll place yourself at the centre of existence and condemn everyone else to mere dust particles blown along in the trail of your stellar super-stardom.
B: Call the police
You are a classic knob jockey.
C: Commit ungodly acts
Being a consummate deviant and an honorary member of the British establishment, you will not miss the opportunity for a bit of dung fun. You are the type of person drawn into elite circles, even if it is just the local bridge club. One way or another you will get yourself high up in the rankings and wield influence, helping to shape the world around you. Only an udder-sucker like you could want such power.
D: Say 'oh well'
A true genius. You are a master of existence. A cool character. A wise one. A person to trust. You always come up good and people can rely on you. You don’t pay much in tax, but you give back to the world in more meaningful ways.

5 Insane Ways to Boost your Business

From channeling the spirit of a hard-nosed businessman to having fanny fun with a hole punched cheque book, find out how to give your business that much needed boost.

Wet Cheese Delrium
Listen up dudes. There’s one word that should be on everyone’s lips. It’s wet, it’s cheesy, it’s here forever. . . . . it’s Camembert.
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