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Vet Dynamics INDEX

If you can't measure, you can't manage



✓ Increase profit

✓ Reduce expenditure

✓ Improve the overall efficiency of your practice

A business intelligence tool that enables you to gather, organise and analyse your practice data. 

You have all this data, but what to do? If only there was additional software that could help you analyse it and draw conclusions?  There is! 

The Vet Dynamics INDEX makes it easy to digest practice data. In other words it gives you a solid basis upon which to make good decisions. This simple addition to your business can help increase profits, lower expenditure and improve the overall efficiency of your practice. 

Make your Practice Management Software (PMS) count for something.

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The INDEX is available to members only. If you want to join the Vet Dynamics community, get in touch today. 

The INDEX has revolutionized the way I work. It made me realise how much data I was wasting. 

John Doe

Practice Owner, Vets, Vets, Vets

Gain more control over your business.


Identify strengths and weaknesses

Make better business decisions.

Improve clinical and financial performance.

Why the INDEX?

Alan Robinson invented it to help independent veterinary practice owners gain a clearer picture of their practice performance. While working as an industry analyst (Fort Dodge Index), three things continually frustrated Alan’s attempts to deliver real value to veterinary practices:

  • the limitations of what was available
  • the veracity of the data
  • the practical meaningfulness of the information

He overcame this problem by inventing new software that:

  • Deals with more variables
  • Improves the quality of the data
  • Gives you conclusions that actually help you make practical decisions 


The Vet Dynamics INDEX has three essential features:

Control Manager

Bespoke software that provides accurate and timely cost-control parameters based on top performing veterinary businesses.

Performance Manager

Bespoke software that measures the true performance of your practice, branches and vets.

Quarterly Performance Review

A qualified expert will help you make sense of INDEX reports and help you convert data into wisdom as part of a regular planning process. 
Other features:

Access on your web-browser from any device: PC, tablet, phone


Easy-to-use choice of parameters


Graph with trend-line


Traffic light indicators: green for the best months, red for the worst


Immediate availability when practice data has been processed

Get started!

The INDEX is available to members only. If you want to join the Vet Dynamics community, get in touch today. 

  • Expenditure down by 56% 56%
  • Profits up 31% 31%
  • Clientele up 15% 15%
  • Conversion up 56% 56%